Air A/C ducts cleaned by an OSHA Mold Certified Tech using Essential Oils

Kill the mold & germs in your AC that can make you & your loved ones sick


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to kill over 99.99%* of common disease causing organisms  

OSHA MOLD CERTIFIED, Mold Assessor and Mechanical Engineer



How we clean ducts

Green Fogging


 The entire system is sanitized and disinfected utilizing essential oils. These special essential oils are a natural disinfectant that kills mold, bacteria and viruses for up to two years and are EPA registered

Vent Cleaning


 All vents are cleaned with a HEPA vacuum to remove biological residue and other debris. 

Free Automotive Vent Clean


Free automotive vent cleaning when

you use our services to clean your home air ducts. We offer free estimates on

all of our services.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can your service damage my flexible type ducts?

No. We do not power through with a heavy rotating brush that very well could damage your duct work AND WILL cause the mold spores to spread throughout. Sanitizing and Disinfecting are more important than cleaning when it comes to your family's health. No mechanical cleaning can remove every mold spore. They must be killed in place.

Can duct contamination really make me sick?

Yes. According to the Florida Division of Environmental Health, when you can see and smell mold growth, you may be presented with an unacceptable health risk. These health officials' main concerns include allergic illness, potential for infection and mold toxicity.

People with mold allergies (believed to be 10% of the general population) may experience a wide range of discomforts from the sniffles, runny nose, red eyes and sneezing, to shortness of breath, fatigue fever and/or headaches.

According to the Florida Department of Health, the long-term presence of indoor mold may eventually be unhealthy for anyone. Those with special concerns should consult a medical doctor if they feel their health is affected by indoor mold. 

The following types of people may be affected sooner and more severely than others: 


- Babies and children

- Ederly persons

- Individuals with chronic respiratory conditions, allergies or asthma.

- Persons with weakened immune systems (for example people with HIV or AIDS, chemotherapy patients or organ transplant recipients).

Most of our customers wait until someone is sick (or has died) before they even think about getting this service, but that's too late! It is thought that most, if not all, heating and air conditioning systems in Florida support mold growth.

Your best option for combating mold is to have our mold-certified professionals treat your system and follow up with a maintenance program. After we sanitize, we hear that our clients allergy and asthma symptoms are gone within two days. Everyone is sleeping better and there are no longer odors coming from the system.

Will we be safe in the house while you clean

Yes, Our product is a mixture of all natural essential oils which are safe for people, plants and pets (including fish), so there is no need to leave.


How Much do you charge for a complete service?

 Most homes in our area only have one central air conditioning system, and we charge $300. If you have more than one system, we usually charge half price for each additional system. Auto vents are treated at no extra charge. We recommend an annual maintenance program at a reduced price.

All estimates are free and yes we clean yacht AC systems


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John Svanda Owner
OSHA Mold Certified
State of Florida Mold Assessor & Mold Remediator

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It made a night and day difference for both my daughter and I, we're breathing easier and sleeping much better. Diedre

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Lisa from Sarasota writes:

"I was very impressed with our technician John. He was courtious, arrived at  my scheduled appointment on time and was the consumate professional."


Shane from Tampa Bay writes:

"I have had my duct system cleaned out before and there was a terrible odor for several days after....

Suncoast Ducts performed their service and my home smelled clean and fresh. Thank you John! 

Safe for Our Family

Another satisfied customer Tom and Barbara from St. Pete write:

"We have a newborn baby in our home and were concerned about having our ducts cleaned. turned out no need for concern, ALL of us slept better

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